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Kuku Mathur Review

Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gay

Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi


Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi’ is the story of Kuku Mathur (Siddharth) who has a teenage crush over a girl next door Mitali (Simran Kaur Mundi) and dreams of opening a restaurant in the heart of Delhi. But after the fall out with his best buddy Ronnie (Ashish Juneja), enters Prabhakar Bhaiyaa (Amit Sial) who wants Kuku to follow his footsteps in order to pursue his dreams. So what moves around Kuku’s ups and downs to fulfill this dream is what the entire film is all about.


Screenplay &Technicalities

The basic story line is good but unfortunately, it’s scattered very badly. Screenplay is weak, lethargic and moves at a snail’s pace. While such movies prefer to limelight on good moments, Kuku Mathur barely has anything good to please. Couple of scenes between Siddharth and Ashish are enjoyable, but before you settle down to rejoice its fun, the side tracks pop up to drastically ruin the feel-good impact of the film. Sadly, the scenes get too predictable and boring, thus failing to grab any major attention towards it.

Music & Direction:

Music in such movies has to be peppy and popular so that it can boost a not-so-happening film. But sadly, it turns out to be the other way round here. Either they are wierd or get over the top peppy. Though ‘Facebook pe pyaar’ & the Tarzan song lie entertaining to an extent, but the rest are sure to put you off to sleep.



Siddharth is cute, simple and remains convincible as per his first film. Simran Kaur Mundi looks pretty but barely has any meaty role in the film. Ashish Juneja is the best of the newer lot in terms of performance, whereas Amit Sial is entertaining.